City Council Meeting 3/13/23

Open Meeting Agenda

Call to Order 00:01:00

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag 00:01:06

Roll Call 00:01:28

Conflict of Interest 00:01:42

Consent Agenda 00:02:00

MS Awareness Week 2023 00:02:44

Approve a Detail Plan for PUD No. 19 for an assisted living and memory care facility located at 5217 and 5221 Bay City Rd 00:07:44

Public Comment 01:06:25

Second reading and adoption of a PILOT ordinance for an affordable housing development to be known as Lincoln Park Residences Phase II. 01:06:50

Introduction and First Reading of Amendment to the City of Midland Sewer Ordinance 01:22:21

Axon Enterprise, Inc body-worn cameras, in-car cameras, TASER 10 conducted energy weapons 02:47:58

Approve the 2023-2028 Capital Improvement Plan 03:09:28

New Business 03:52:33