Downtown Development Authority Meeting 9/13/23

Open Meeting Agenda

Roll Call 00:01:00

Bobbie Arnold, Paul Barbeau, Bo Brines, Britney Hyde, Brad Kaye, David Kell, Jon Lauderbach, Jim Malek, Marty McGuire, Chris Moultrup, Kevin Scorsone, Tony Stamas

Approval of the DDA Minutes 00:01:30

From the meetings of May 10, 2023 DDA meeting - Kell

Welcome Events Coordinator Kristina Loeffler - Harris 00:02:00

Introduction of Development Project at 116 Rodd Street - Harris Daniel Dimitroff, RDS Management 00:03:40

Ashman-Rodd Two Way Conversation 00:17:49

Public Hearing 00:57:05

Ashman-Rodd Two Way Conversation

May 10 Tabled Action Item 01:11:18

Ashman-Rodd Two Way Conversation

2023 Pedestrian Plaza 01:34:05

Project Reports - Harris

Long Range Strategic Plan 01:38:00

Project Updates - Harris

Executive Committee Report - Kell 01:40:56

i. Approve 2024 Meeting Schedule ii. 2023-24 Board Structure iii. Request to appoint DDA Board member as Ex-Officio member of the Midland Downtown Business Association

Economic Sustainability Committee – Moultrup 01:47:19

i. Consideration of Incubator Support for FILL ii. Tri-Star Mural Façade Support iii. Façade Program Guidelines Amendment

Marketing and Events - Loeffler 01:55:43

Committee Reports

Midland Downtown Business Association - Neumeyer 01:59:28

Committee Reports